We offer all types of appraisal and consulting services to meet your needs.  Our appraisals cover a broad spectrum of property types including commercial, industrial, development, land, farms, estates, litigation and review appraisals.  


Conservation Easement Appraisals

Having completed over 1,000 conservation easement appraisals since our inception, we have developed the expertise needed to navigate you through the process. The IRS and other government agencies closely scrutinize this type of appraisal, but you can rest assured that our qualifications meet the rigorous standards put forth by the IRS and government agencies involved in reviewing the charitable contribution of your conservation easement. On average, there are two main steps in the appraisal process which include:

  • The Preliminary Value of the Conservation Easement
  • The Appraisal in a Complete Report

The preliminary value of the conservation easement is a brief appraisal report with the estimated value of your conservation easement. We consider this the first step to the process because conservation easements can become a lengthy and expensive process. By initiating the process with a preliminary appraisal report containing an estimated value, you can decide to proceed or not with a more concrete knowledge of what the conservation easement would mean to you in your situation. To complete this first step, an inspection of the property is performed along with some preliminary research.

Should you decide to proceed with the easement and the appraisal, we then begin the in-depth research to determine the precise value of the conservation easement. Conservation easement appraisal reports typically contain about 200 to 300 pages worth of information including any values for your property and the support to back those values. Also due to restrictions regarding conservation easements, the final appraisal report is not typically prepared until the recordation of the deed of easement. Until the time of the preliminary appraisal report to the time of the final report is prepared, though, we will work with you through each step and do our best to ensure a timely completion of the project. 

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Additional Appraisal Services

Even though conservation easement appraisals make up the bulk of our work, we do provide other types of appraisals and appraisal review services as mentioned above. Wesley Woods' personal experience as a farmer, land developer, and manager of rental real estate, along with his background in the appraisal business allows, Myers & Woods Appraisal Group, Inc. to offer a wide array of services to you. For example, we have completed appraisals for apartment buildings, office buildings, and even automobile dealerships.